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Al Kennedy - Kennedy Eurotech Inc.   Tel: +770.304.1000

We offer engineering consulting services to extruders of aluminum and other metals based on 40+ years' experience including visits to more than 150 extrusion plants around the world.

The Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual is the one essential reference for engineers and managers who are concerned with extrusion press maintenance and engineering.  It is available in book form (hard copy) with flash drive copy included; as flash drive only; or in pdf format via email download.  For more info click on the page link above. 

Order the Manual in any format by credit card: select a Buy Now button below and use PayPal to enter your card information and mailing address.  This is a secure transaction from any location worldwide.  Item(s) will be shipped within 24 hours.


The book version is again being offered including the latest updates and also a complete copy on USB flash drive.

Manual on USB Flash Drive - Free Shipping   

Now only $ 50

Manual - Book and USB flash drive, Free Shipping (USA only)    

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Manual - Book and USB flash drive, sent by Priority Mail (required outside USA) +

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Manual in *.pdf format, sent via e-mail

Now only US$ 50

Use the *.pdf version on your iPhone, tablet PC, or eReader !

User comments:

"I appreciate a lot your book.  I am from Casablanca, Morocco.  I just bought one extrusion line 5 inch.  Thank you for sharing your book." Quazzine Razoki, General Manager, Centrale D'Aluminium

"I wouldd like to congratulate for the terrific job you did on the Aluminum extrusion maintenance manual.  Really, really great.  Mirko Turrina, GM Cometal (Foshan)

"Please send some more information about that book?" Ali Nekounam

"Thank you for all that you do for our industry, Al.  The Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual remains an invaluable resource for Extruders, particularly with your updates."  Craig Werner 

"Excellent reference manual.  Thank U Al." Jim Lundstedt

"Very useful."  Abel Tsao

"Nice book!" Feng Zhu (Zach) M.S. Finance, Project and Purchasing Analyst at Aluminum Shapes LLC

"Think that it's great.  Thank you." Merih Kilic-Marzari

"Thanks sir to accept me.  Am always reading your book of aluminum extrusion and maintenance of machines of extrusion.  Its give good and right knowledge and best information to my experience."  

"I highly suggest that you get Al Kennedy’s book on extrusion …. Very detailed and great reference ….  please do listen to Mr. Kennedy.  His book is the best and has been proven over and over.  Much better than asking on the internet!" Ted Versteeg 

"As suggested by Theodore, have a look at  .

This is the online version of Al Kennedy's excellent book."  Alan Castle

"Thanks  is a fantastic book.  It’s what I need.  I read the alignement article its fantastic.   Today I made the alignment of the press using the method of cable, Kennedy's book , and has improved extrusion and ram movement back furthermore the pressure into auxiliar cylinders and container is less. I suppose that contact between container liner and ram (dummy) is less."  Francisco Damian Lorenzo Franco

"I really appreciate the effort taken in making the maintenance manual.  This is really helpful for us and we thank the entire team for sharing this on an open platform.  I also request you to kindly send the booklet of tables to us."    Chinmay Agrawal (Director), Apex Aluminium Extrusion Pvt. Ltd., Agrawal Metals

"Your book is very useful for us and there are many things that we need to change or control. Thank you for writing this useful book. Our company is rapidly changing through your book .... You are always welcome to visit our company if you have a chance to visit in Korea."  Jun Mo Park, Kyungnam Metal Co., South Korea

"I bought your book (Maintenance Manual) for a personal use and there is a lot of information to be used.  Very nice book!"   Sergey Rachkov, JSC "Tatprof (Russia)

"The Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual .... is a “gift" to the Aluminum Extrusion Industry."  Robert I. Werner, ET Chairman Emeritus

"The Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual has been a gem for extruders who have not had the benefit of detailed manuals and drawings for their often older equipment.  This common sense, concise, publication provides valuable guidance to operators and maintenance personnel."  Bob Peacock, past ET Chairman 

I would like to thank Al Kennedy and the sponsors on behalf of the1890 members of AEP Aluminium Extrusion professionals group for this great service and contribution.  I myself have purchased this book in the past.  By far the best press maintenance document I have ever read.  Thanks you Al!    by Shmaya Wallfish

Immensely helpful, thanks a lot    by Benedict Iroidis

Thanks a lot, great efforts done.........................warm rgds,     by A. B.

Thanks a lot    by I. A.

Thank you very very much for your book help us a lot in future thanks from my heart     by Eng. Tian


Thank you for the very useful information supplied.  Congratulation for the very hard work.  Kind Regards,    B. I. Technical Sales Engineer

I have read your Extrusion Maintenance Program from the net and find it very helpful for my type of job.  Can I request a copy of these files [maintenance schedules]?    Efren Gonzales, Doha, Qatar

I have purchased your precious book “The Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual” before online       Now I am preparing maintenance schedules for our aluminium extrusion plant by the help of this book.  But I do not have Maintenance Schedules tables in spreadsheets as you mention in chapter A.  I kindly request these excel files.  They, indeed, help me prepare schedules quickly.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Sincerely,    Murat Sahinkaya